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Grand Opening


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It all started when...

I encountered my first salad shop on the east coast. In that very moment a dream was born. It was my dream. When I returned to Seattle, I began making salads and dressings. Soon, I could be found selling my salads and dressings at the Farmers Market. One day, in 2012, I opened my first store, the first salad shop in the greater Seattle area. It was only 492 square feet, and I was so excited to see my dream coming to life. Over time, with great dedication, my menu was full of delicious, healthy food. Thousands and thousands of people graced us with their presence. Word and smiles spread. We catered for small and big companies, for wonderfully meaningful events, including movie nights in the summer. I became friends with my city in a new way, and as I did, my dream grew. I wanted to open a healthy fast food store on every corner of my city, and every corner across the world. On a very special corner, 1301 Madison Street to be exact, I have opened my new flagship location. Seattle Salads is now Sprigy. When people hear Sprigy, I want them to immediately think eat, play, thrive. We invite you to come experience these three simple words. We exist to playfully provide delicious, healthy food that improves your vitality. Thank you for helping make my dream come true. I am grateful beyond words.